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La Intempestiva

La Intempestiva is a dance company created in 2020 and based in Salzburg and Linz; with reach also in the Salzkammergut region. Founded by Reinier Martínez Badilla and codirected alongside with Simona Štangová, it constitutes a structure for putting together our artistic and pedagogic work, as well as outsourcing support to other artists.

The word Intempestiva means untimely, inconvenient or uncomfortable. We stand for work and research that stirs movement and arises questions. From a legal perspective, we are constituted by two non-profit associations and a sole-propietorship for private-oriented activities. We focus on very physical contemporary dance, physical theatre and other interdisciplinary formats and support other artists with lighting design and choreographic assistance. We put effort in collaborating with young contemporary composers, innovative music ensembles and strive for developing tides with other artists and countries around the world.


We have premiered the pieces „Encontrarse“ (2021) and „Endless Cycles“ (2023) and have toured across Europe and Latin America. Since our creation, we have received the support from Land Salzburg, Salzburg Stadt, RedSapata Kulturiniciative, Österreich Kulturforum and the Austrian Federal Ministery for European and International Affairs (BMEIA).


Héctor Buenfil Palacios
Tímea Hvozdíková
Valerie Fritz
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