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Giulia Di Stefano

Giulia studied at SEAD Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance in Austria, graduating in 2021. She started her dance education at age 5 and later on in Compagnia di Balletto Città di Latina and Agora Coaching Project in Reggio Emilia. Since 2017 she is based in Salzburg and recently she completed an internship at Compagnie Linga in Lausanne, Switzerland.

She has worked in the piece Bolero“ by Jill Crovisier. She is cofounder of Midline Collective, where has been working in the piece „Negabsence“ and also works with The Modular Project, a music duo ensemble. Giulia is also active as teacher and has been developing the contemporary workshop “PP Projecting Physicality”, while also teaching ballet for contemporary dancers.

She is also member of the dance platform La Intempestiva, performing in the projects „Endless Cycles“ and „Haydn Tanzt“. She has danced and taught in Italy, Austria, Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland and Slovakia.

Giulia Di Stefano

Latina, Italy • 1997

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