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„First time as a dream. Second, as a memory from a moment long past. Third time, as reflecting willingly. And at last, a premonition or perhaps just a wish“

Birth and death are, bottom line, the common moments to every living being’s existence and in several ways, they keep on happening through life. Moving away, saying farewell, becoming a stranger within someone’s own story. Endless cycles that remain starting; getting us lost and finding ourselves in new places. Memory is an ocean of these cycles, where time and our perception of reality get distorted as fading waves in the distance.

The piece approaches memory and time perception from a human perspective. We use circularity, repetition and different archetypical dichotomies to help materialize these abstracts. Can you actually recall what is within yourself? What do we lose once starting something over and what remains?


Reinier Martínez Badilla


Giulia Di Stefano

Júlia Farkas

Kristína Kollárová

Choreographic Assistance

Simona Štangová


Tímea Hvozdíková, Samuel Hvozdikov


Héctor Buenfil Palacios

Lighting Installation and Design

Reinier Martínez Badilla


April 15, 2023. Kleines Studio, Mozarteum.
Salzburg, Austria.


Sponsored by:

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